MesoCellulite MesoSculpt MesoLift MesoGlow MesoBoost

Mesotherapy is one of the most exciting body-sculpting and fat elimination treatments available today, and is a safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. This breakthrough technology can successfully shrink or eliminate fat cells in your body, reduce cellulite and rejuvenate your face and neck.

Many names have emerged with the surge in the popularity of Mesotherapy. Following is what you need to know about the various Mesotherapy discipline that your patients may ask for:

Approximately 90% of women, over the age of 20, struggle with the appearance of cellulite on their body. Cellulite occurs largely as a result of poor circulation; blood pools around fat cells and the pressure exerted on these cells cause the bunching appearance regardless of weight or age.

MesoCellulite is a form of Mesotherapy that helps to eliminate cellulite by helping to increase circulation. The injected minerals breakdown the walls of fat cells which releasing the stored up fat into the body where it is then eliminated, and proper circulation in that area returns. Providing patients maintain a proper diet and fitness regimen, results can be considered permanent.

MesoSculpting is a similar to process to MesoCellulite, but focuses on localized regions of fat that build up on areas such as the arms, hips, abdomen, thighs, neck or chin. A series of MesoSculpt injections, which involves the use of PPC, allows the fat to be broken down and slowly eliminated from the body, with results that are measurable in inches.

MesoSculpt is used to reduce or eliminate the fat pads under the eyes that cause older eyes to look "baggy".  It can also be used to reduce the fat under the chin and around the cheeks, giving a leaner, younger look to the face and neck.  For spot weight reduction in the waist it can be used to reduce the abdominal, hips and buttocks fat deposits. 

MesoBoost is a term used for the application of Mesotherapy in increasing the functional penis size in men. Using the technique of Meso-Sculpting in the area of the pubic bone, it is possible to reduce the fat pad that sits in front of the symphysis pubis.  With this fat melted down, more of the actual penis shaft is visible and often you can see gains of up to 1/2 an inch in penis size.  This is not simply an aesthetic improvement but a functional increase in penis size. As intercourse involves penetration of the penis up to the pubic bone; therefore, you can actually have deeper penetration if there is less fat in the way. 

Our face is one of the few regions on our body in which patients desire a plump, full appearance, as it equates to youth and vitality. Unfortunately, as we age we loose volume in our face, a process which is accelerated by sun exposure. Though Mesotherapy has gained prominence as a fat reduction treatment, it may also be manipulated to replenish fat in areas such as face and neck.

MesoGlow treatments infuse the dermis layer of skin with hyaluronic acid, collagen-stimulating minerals and anti-oxidants to nourish skin and return it to the radiant, firm, glowing complexions of their youth.

Meso-Lift is another anti-aging technique to help maintain a healthy glowing skin and it is particularly excellent for those fine lines that fillers, such as Restylane, can not correct.

Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation or “Mesolift” infuses your skin with hyaluronic acid (body's natural filler substance), retinoic acid, potent vitamins, and anti-oxidants to restore the hydrated plumpness and fresh appearance of your skin.  The treatment actually rejuvenates, revitalizes and tightens the skin.

Even the physical treatment itself has been shown to promote production of collagen and elastin and stimulate the metabolism.  The Meso-Lift is usually performed in an initial series of 3 to 5 treatments (sometimes more), spaced out one or two weeks apart. The results are maintained by touch-up treatments once or twice a year.  Some patients may not need any touch-up treatments for many years.