Mesotherapy is best known for its use in reducing fat depsoits, and especially those fat deposits, like saddle bags, love handles and double chins, that seem to hang around no matter how much you exercise. It works at a cellular level, stimulating each and every fat cell in the treated area to shed its fat store.

Sometimes, this is referred to as 'dissolving the fat', but it doesn't actually work like that. All Mesotherapy does is trigger your body's own fat metabolism mechanisms. The fat cells work in exactly the way they're supposed to, giving up their fat stores as fatty acids and water so that your body can use them. The real secret is in the way Mesotherapy temporarily blocks the receptors on your fat cells that accept the fat in the first place. That block give the fatty acids an opportunity to flow into your bloodstream where your muscles, and especially your heart and lungs, burn the released fat as fuel.

You might have guess that you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your treatment if you up your exercise load. (But please note the instructions you'll get from your doctor about avoiding strenuous exercise immediately after each treatment.)

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