Mesotherapy is the only truly effective treatment for cellulite. It acts by breaking down the fibrous structures that cause those dimples in the first place.

Cellulite is a problem almost exclusive to women. It is caused when the fibrous structures that hold fat in place form in a certain way.

There are three stages to cellulite;
In Stage One there's no visible cellulite either standing or lying down, but that characteristic 'orange peel' look is visible when teh skin is pinched.
In Stage Two cellulite will be visible when you're standing, but it will disappear when you're lying down.
In Stage Three cellulite is visible both standing and lying down.

Other fat reduction treatments, like liposuction, can not remove those fibres. In fact, that sort of procedure can often make it appear worse.

Mesotherapy works on cellulite on three levels. First, it directly breaks down the connective fibres. Second, it reduces fat deposits around those fires, and third, it improves circulation so that the cellulite doesn't re-appear.

Most patients can totally eliminate cellulite in between 10 and 15 weekly treatments. However, individual results may vary, depending on the extent of your problem, and your individual reaction to the injected solutions. You doctor will advise you after your consultation.